Karlie Meredith, Author at Pierlite Australia

Karlie Meredith

Pierlite joins Signify, strengthening its market position in ANZ

SIGNIFY SUCCESSFULY COMPLETES ACQUISITION OF PIERLITE 3rd May 2022 MEDIA RELEASE   Pierlite’s acquisition by Signify strengthens its position in the Australian and New Zealand lighting markets  Sydney, Australia, Pierlite, a lighting and technology market leader in Australia and New Zealand, today confirms the completion of its acquisition by Signify, the world leader in lighting …

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The importance of data transparency and its role in management.

As business leaders and managers, we have access to a range of data. From employee key performance indicators (KPIs) to sales, this information allows us to view the business from a holistic perspective. The inner workings of our business can be encapsulated in intricate detail, offering us key information to ensure we make the right decisions. But why is it that some businesses choose not to share this data with their teams? In this article, I will explain how data transparency can improve your workplace culture and productivity.

Why empowerment in the workplace is essential.

Empowerment. It’s a word that we often hear thrown around as some sort of goal, as a value, a sign of good workplace culture, and a hallmark of effective leadership. But what does “empowerment” really mean? It’s one of those leadership principles that is often misunderstood and difficult to put into action. Why does individual and collective empowerment even matter in the workplace, what do we gain from empowerment, are there any tangible benefits that come with it?

At Pierlite our performance and team’s engagement peaked over lockdown. Here’s why.

Humans are social creatures. Yet, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have gone from seeing our colleagues at work every day to working from our homes. Now, remote work has become business as usual. But how does this affect us and the work we produce? As leaders and managers, what can we do to maintain our team’s work performance and happiness without physically seeing them?

Why digital backbones drive cultural change in the workplace.

At Pierlite, we are on a mission to provide safer spaces. For the past 12 months, Pierlite’s team of product development specialists and engineers have been working with our global partners investigating ways in which UV-C radiation, combined with a HEPA filter, can be leveraged to safely inactivate pathogens and micro-organisms indoors – increasing our ability to resist lockdowns and decrease the impact on the economy.

Returning to Work

Returning to work after COVID-19 lockdowns is not as easy as flicking a switch. It can be disconcerting, especially for those that work in commercial offices or shared spaces. Pierlite is helping to support the return to work through providing solutions that assist in creating a safer environment.