JAX FLAT MAJOR TWIN - Pierlite Australia


3 year warranty C Tick

JAX Flat Twin Minor combines a unique blend of form and function by providing lighting designers with extremely versatile luminaires and the ultimate in efficient performance. The smooth and easy tilt with rotational control coupled with a sleek rebated bezel work in harmony to reduce glare.

  • One of a family of  8 trim sizes ( incl Single, Twin)  mount 25 - 40  wattage options depending on driver.
  • Dimmable. Refer to the driver platform
  • CREE CXB 95+
  • Interchangeable optics 20°/40°, standard 40°
  • Constructed with a diecast bezel and drop forged heatsink
  • Quick and Easy – installation without having to disassemble / reassemble the fitting
  • 50,000 Hours (L70)

Product Specifications

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