DOT9800 Square Colour Series 2 - Pierlite Australia

DOT9800 Square Colour Series 2

5 year warranty C Tick

High performing versatile downlight designed to be used across a broad range of commercial applications.

  • Narrow & Wide Beam Angle Reflector, CRI 85 , 2 Macadam steps
  • 3000k or 4000k, 40,000hrs - 70,000hrs L90
  • Standard Dimming Options Available – DALI, Analogue 1-10v or Phase dimming
  • 250m-1400mA driver options,10.3w,13.8w19.4w26.9w34.6w40.5w56w LED Options Overall dia of 164mm cutout dia of 146mm x 146mm
  • Multiple AX-Lock accessories available
  • Patented Easy installation / removal clip system
  • 99.99% pure aluminium reflectors designed for the DOT series 2
  • Dedicated Heat Sink with excellent thermal performance

Product Specifications

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