LEDSmart™ XPERT Dimmer - Pierlite Australia

LEDSmart™ XPERT Dimmer

2 year warranty C Tick

The Diginet LEDSmart™ Xpert™ Dimmer is designed in Australia to provide optimised dimming of LED based lamps and drivers, this high quality, two-wire phase control wall plate dimmer and switch has a minimum load rating of 1W.

  • No separate switch required ‚Äì built in switch
  • Programmable, minimum and maximum levels can be set
  • ‚ÄòQuick flick‚Äô dim to Maximum or Minimum
  • Illuminated halo with interchangeable coloured rings (blue/green/orange/clear)
  • Rotary dial provides smooth and easy adjustable max/min level
  • 1W minimum LED lighting load
  • Double tap when on to dim down or dim down over 30 minutes
  • Capable of dimming both dimmable and non-dimmable lamps (to a limited dimming level, lamp dependent)

Product Specifications

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