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PentaLED 105

3 year warranty C Tick

PentaLED 105 is the top of the range major surgery light. It has a central module like the PentaLED 81 and 4 side petals, each fitted with 6 LEDs adiating outwards. This configuration offers two great advantages; a shadowless effect and an increased depth of field thanks to 2 focussing points. The central and side modules are designed to provide lighting at two different focal distances and thus guarantee greater depth of light and constant light intensity without losing focus.

  • Steel arms with anodised aluminium head
  • Selection of 4,500°K or 5,000°K Ra 96
  • Up to 160,000 lux @ 1m
  • 9 LEDs for 9 modules and 6 LEDs for 4 lateral modules
  • 13 LED modules with individual circuit boards as fail safe for uninterrupted operation
  • Adjustable Electronic light field diameter: 200mm - 320mm
  • 50,000 hours LED lifetime
  • Total wattage consumption 160W

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