Ranger LED Floodlight - Pierlite Australia

Ranger LED Floodlight

3 year warranty C Tick

Maximising performance and energy efficiency, the RANGER LED Floodlight provides an LER of greater than 100lm/w. The optical system uses a precision lens combined with the latest LED chips to provide a highly efficient asymmetric distribution with a peak angle at 35° forward throw.

  • Average Rated Life 27000 hours (L90) 51400 hours (L70).
  • Options of 350, 420 and 490 system wattage.
  • Integral electronic driver suitable for Analogue
  • Unique optical system providing asymmetrical distributions
  • Ranger 490w 52,000lms equivalent to 1KW Metal Halide Shoe Box Floodlight. (*Lighting design would need to be carried out for comparison).
  • Asymmetrical distribution provides a low glare and unobtrusive installation.
  • Long life of 51,400 hours (L70) provides lower maintenance costs compared to traditional HID Floodlights.

Product Specifications

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