Nano 5 - Pierlite Australia

Nano 5

3 year warranty C Tick

Nano changes the way we perceive “downlights.” With the use of “Nano” optics harnessing the LED output providing a high visual comfort. Designers can create freeform designs without the limitations of frameworks, creating an unlimited design opportunity for optimisation of the light source

  • One of a family of 5 trim sizes with 5 wattage options (2.2W/4.4W/11W/22W/33W)
  • Toolless operation. Quick connect plugs
  • Optics* available in 3 X Beam Distributions 10 ̊/ 15 ̊/30°, standard default 30°
  • Dimmable. (refer to the driver platform) operates from the common driver platform
  • Average rated Lamp design life 50000hrs / 70%
  • Versatile application. Combo Modular format lighting

Product Specifications

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