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Halogen Halu-R ARIII Display Lamp

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Halu-R AR111 Display lamps are low voltage halogen reflector lamps featuring an aluminium reflector which distributes light and heat forward away from the back of the lamp. The front metal bridge cover shields the halogen burner, allowing for comfortable, glare-free lighting, while also preventing direct light from mixing with reflected light, resulting in a smooth beam with sharp contrast.

  • - Aluminium reflector distributes heat and light forward, away from the back of the lamp
  • - High quality reflector provides constant colour with no colour shift throughout service life
  • - The front metal bridge cover allows for comfortable, glare-free lighting and creates a smooth, high contrast beam
  • - Quartz capsule halogen burner features UV-stop for additional UV protection(as per IEC 60432)
  • - The low pressure halogen burner complies with IEC 60598, allowing the lamp to be used in open fixtures
  • - For domestic and commercial accent, task and decorative lighting
  • - Suitable for use indoors, and in protected exterior applications
  • - Colour temperature of 3000K 3000 hrs Average Lamp Life

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